Recent trends in Education

Advances in web and mobile technology, have led to innovation in education models to address challenges of increasing costs as well as to meet the requirements to enhance quality of education. Following are some of the latest developments in education models: Online Learning: Education institutions are increasingly resorting to Self-paced learning as well as Virtual […]

Levels of Interactivity in eLearning Content

Interactivity is an important element of self-paced eLearning courses. For effectiveness of delivery, it is extremely critical that learners are engaged in a manner that makes learning experience interesting and compelling to focus and learners easily grasp or understand the learnings. This is achieved by making learning courses interactive. A number of standards have been […]

eLearning Content: Corporate Adoption

A common questions that is asked to us by companies, which are in the early phase of eLearning adoption, is: What eLearning Course Content should they start with on their eLearning Systems? We have seen business organisations building eLearning¬† course contents covering variety of topics such as Induction, Company Culture, Work Ethics and Etiquette, Company […]